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This page on worldwide travel destinations is inevitable after you have read all the other pages in my travel section trip advisor about super cheap airplane tickets, hotel booking solutions, road trip planning, a train journey planner, itinerary templates, international travel visa, required vaccinations, etc. Because: now you know how to organize travel. This page give you ideas and suggestions about your destination.

worldwide travel destinations

In order to be as complete as possible, you will find here several worldwide travel destinations, with links to sites which give specific information on a specific country or city. In case you don’t find the destination you are looking for, please let me know. Owners of good quality sites with specific information of usual or unusual travel destinations are welcome to send a message via the contact form, with a request to add your link to this page, as together we will be able to give the best and most complete information.


Discover Sedgefield South Africa
It’s the first “Slow Town” in Africa and the secret gem of the Garden Route.
Surrounded by beautiful beaches, lakes, indigenous forests and mountains, it is an ideal destination for those who want to enjoy outdoor activities in unsurpassed natural beauty or relax and recharge their batteries in unpolluted air and tranquil surroundings.
Egypt Fun Tours
where you find not only interesting tours to Egypt, one of the most interesting worldwide travel destinations, but a lot of useful information about the country and the culture as well.


Find here interesting facts about Asia on the following websites:
Famous places in China, some of the extraordinary travel destinations
China Travel Golden Route: Travel China with a native Chinese. Learn about Chinese history, culture, artifacts, plan a fascinating itinerary and even learn a few Mandarin phrases.
Your Guide To Aqaba – Jordan. Practical, first hand travel information about Jordan from foreigners living in Aqaba.
The Bohol Philippines Travel Guide gives you everything you need to know when you need to travel to Bohol in the Philippines.
Visit Chiang Mai, Thailand Real life experiences of how to get the very best from your visit to Chiang Mai & surrounding areas, linked to Chiang Mai Arts & Crafts our on-line shop.
Mysterious Bhutan Experience Bhutan with this professional travel planner, tour guide and host.


Green Ukraine Tourism in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains with language support.
Interesting facts about England with the facts you always wanted to know.
My Secret Northern Ireland is a great site about Northern Ireland written by a passionate girl who put her heart and soul into the realisation of a complete travel guide to this beautiful place.
Moving to Barcelona is a great site where you find everything on how to travel to Barcelona, and to live there, including hotels, transport, Spanish language, etc.
Denmark Getaway Come to Denmark and experience a wonderful Holiday. What to do and see in Denmark, Copenhagen and on beautiful Bornholm, the pearl in the Baltic Sea. For more information about Denmark. Where you will find all you need to know.
FYI Denmark Getting started in Denmark as an expat can be overwhelming, so check out this 10 step guide to a successful relocation.

Mark and Judy of MouseTours Travels can’t decide on one little corner of the world. With a click of your mouse, travel with them to the corners of the world. Travel adventure stories and helpful tips inspire you to take your dream trip anywhere! Answers to questions… Where to go? How to choose? Can custom tours be affordable? What to pack? Do you need shots? What is a visa? Do you need one? What about foreign money… and the language? What about driving? Learn from their experiences! Happy travels!

More about organizing travel

Did you find some interesting worldwide travel destinations? As explained at the top of this page, this website supports you in organizing to reach your destinations in several ways. Go to the trip adviser and make your favorite worldwide travel destinations happen.

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