Why writing a name in Chinese?

Writing a name in Chinese is very popular these days, especially in Western cultures. The calligraphy in which beautiful Chinese characters are written down, is seen as a form of fine arts, and people like to have their names in Chinese on the wall or even Chinese character tattoos on their body.

Writing a name in Chinese

There is a difference in the Chinese names, and the way you write English names in Chinese. In China the choice of a name is very important, and the decision on a name is for a great deal influenced by the birth date of the child and the the 5 elements wood, water, earth, metal and water (see also Feng Shui for a successful life and health for more explanation on this subject). Further it is important that a Chinese name needs to be simple, and, last but not least, the meaning of the name is very important. Boys often have a name which refer to heroism or valor, while girls will get more sweet names.

famous-places-in-ChinaThe other difference you have to realize when understanding the Chinese symbols meanings, is that in languages spoken in China the names have a different order compared to the names in the Western cultures. In Chinese writing you start with the family name, which is mostly formed by one or two characters. 100 family names form 85% of the most used names in China, so you can imagine that it is not easy to find a Chinese person in the phone directory. The first name follows after the family name. This name can be formed by two characters. In some families the first of these two characters indicates the so-called generation name. The second character is the personal name, and will be carefully selected, as you could read from above.

Writing a name in Chinese and how you can translate your name

The question how to write English names in Chinese is not difficult to answer with the following sites:

Mandarin tools will help you write English names in Chinese.
Chinesenames.org gives free translations for Chinese writing of English names.

Below sites will help you writing a name in Chinese. Please realize that the translation is based on the sound of the name.

Writing a name in Chinese with Chinese culture about.com.
Free Chinese translation of names of different countries.
Transname.com for Chinese translation of names calligraphy and design.

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